Hello Vape Community,
While speaking with some industry leaders today, I noticed a deafening need for contract review. Contracts are the backbone of all manufacturing, whether food, cosmetic, or pharmaceutical. Contracts are what keep proprietary data secret and give you a leg to stand on. I have noticed a influx of backwards thought processes to this concept. (Now here is the time I shout “,GET A LAWYER”), BUT before you do make sure you know what is innately your responsibility and what is the responsibility of others.
Who is responsible? Like most things having to do with the FDA, it is a case by case basis. Each case is different, just like each relationship is different. Contracts are the agreement of both parties. Brand Owners and Manufacturers can share certain requirements while other times it is SOLELY the responsibility of the Manufacturer.
Once you register with the FDA, you are now subject to inspection. Wouldn’t you like peace of mind knowing what you are responsible for as Manufacturers? I sure as hell would! FDA is all about documentation, and believe me, they will dig and dig for problems. One wrong word or mis-dated document can turn into a week long audit. I have seen it happen people! Making assumptions and pointing fingers will only make things worse for both parties.
If we are to be an industry of GIANTS, we must do as the giants do. We must go about things sensibly and legally. Regulations will only change slightly but contracts are innately part of business ownership. Like I have said before, make sure you know who is in your boat. Now I say, before you drown, start plugging those holes.

Stay competitive, Stay Compliant

Monica Schick
​”The Nerd in the Back”