As third quarter is officially in full swing now is a great time to breathe and reflect on what actually happened in second quarter especially in June. The FDA as we all know was very busy in the month of June, but while PMTA has dominated the news in the industry; here are some updates you might have missed. On June 18, the FDA announced a new update to their “This is our watch” program for retailers of tobacco and vapor products. They are now providing free digital time clocks in place of the previously paper calendars for age verification. They announced they were making this digital change due to many states having different regulatory age requirements that differ from federal requirements. On top of this the agency has also announced they have launched an app called “FDA Age Calculator,” designed to help retailers comply with age restriction law. Despite the fact that the availability of the Digital Clocks were announced last week, they are now finally available on their website. 

Among other things the FDA did make one more somewhat quiet update this month and it was actually quite effective. The FDA has begun enforcement on social media warning requirements for many e-liquid companies citing that numerous social media influencers are not using the correct labels and warnings on their posts as well as the companies themselves. As of today several companies are still posting non compliant content on social media advertisements, most notably companies that are internationally posting into American forums. The FDA has yet to comment on the international posts but are starting enforcement with American based companies first. All these updates circle back to the FDA’s big ticket item this month, the newly dropped PMTA guidance and their stance on keeping vapor products out of children’s hands, which includes marketing and retail locations selling to minors. 

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