Even if you’ve made a major investment in your vaping business and your premises, it’s important to focus on your next most valuable investment—your employees. There are plenty of examples in the news of how “not to” treat your employees, but as a manager, you may find it challenging in creating the perfect workplace environment.

First you’ll need to ensure that you, as the manager to the business, have a solid understanding of the laws and regulations of your state or province. There are many issues that can affect your workplace, including conflict between employees, absenteeism, morale, and productivity.

Many experts recommend you adopt more of a leadership or coach role than the outdated and depersonalized role of manager. It’s becoming more widely recognized that treating employees as human beings, rather as children needing to be disciplined, is far more effective for workplace happiness and employee retention.  Employees need to work in a supportive work environment where they are encouraged to thrive and grow. Even though many managers today still adopt that “employees are children” practice, often this can actually lead adults to be children in the workplace, which can cause further issues.

It’s the responsibility of the manager to recognize that you are responsible for creating a happy but productive environment for your business, regardless of whether you’re a vaping shop, laboratory, or supplier.
Here are a few ways to help create a supportive environment for your business:

Spend time during the interviewing process. Ensure that you are hiring the most suitable people for your business. Once you’ve hired your employees, you’re going to have to accept them for who they are.

Each person is different in their own way. There are also similarities from person to person, leaving the needs of each employee the same. But they may need to be fulfilled in a different manner.

Always be aware that how you deal with your employees. You can have an effect on your employees’ lives. Keep your communication style clear and effective. Keep your tone of voice upbeat and positive. Don’t assume your employees already understand a process or procedure. They may have been away that day or missed the email. It’s important to re-clarify procedures if they’re having trouble.

Never take your employees for granted. Always treat them as an essential part of your enterprise. Be sure to greet them in the morning and to say goodbye to them at night.

Workers also like to hear how you appreciate the job that they’re doing. If they’ve come in during off hours, thank them for coming in.

It may take time to create a positive working environment, but when you get there, the results will be well worth your hard efforts.

Perhaps the single most important tip is understanding that your workplace is like one big family. Yes, at times there may be conflict and disagreement. However, if your employees head to you first for problem-solving, you can give yourself a pat on the back knowing that you’re dealing effectively with employees.

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