Batch Records: The Essential Habit of Every World-Class Manufacturer

What Are Batch Records?

A batch record or batch production record can be one of the most important forms that your employees should be filling out.

Batch records are a form of documentation that is kept for each of your ENDS products. It may seem like a lot of extra effort, but batch records provide invaluable information for manufacturers. Your excellent record keeping could save you from serious problems in the future.

Why Do World-Class Manufacturers Keep Batch Records?

There are many reasons why manufacturers would need to access past production records. Here are a few of the most popular that you may have run across yourself:

  • One of your customers filed a complaint on a batch.
  • Users are reporting it has been ineffective or over-effective.
  • The product may have experienced spoilage well before its expiry date.
  • The volume was less than noted on the product labeling.

All of these instances can be reported by going back through batch records.

How To Create Your Own Batch Record Process

To start, you’ll need to create one batch record for each of your ENDS product batches. This record will contain all the information for this batch.

The information needs to include:

  • A spot to write in a batch number and the lot or control number.
  • The dates and times that the pertinent equipment was cleaned, maintained, and sanitized.
  • A unique identifier for each of your components or ingredients.
    • NOTE: These include products that you have received from outside sources.
  • A statement of actual yield versus the percentage of theoretical yield throughout the various stages of processing.
  • A record of each person who has performed each of these steps
  • Any tTesting or monitoring you performed on the batch. When your quality control department examines a batch, it should also be recording this information.

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