Quality Systems

From raw materials to a finished product, quality systems allow a holistic view and the needed tools to keep you in compliance.

​Raw Materials

Release and control of raw materials is crucial in any quality system. North Guide will help you set up a system that fits your facility’s needs while reaching the requirements set by the FDA.


Process testing is the backbone to quality control. North Guide will help with setting key performance indicators (KPI’s) that will help you move steadily and efficiently throughout the process.

​Finished Product

Quality is a word you want associated with your brand! Let us help gather the proof you need to show a quality product to the FDA. Leave your clients satisfied with your products!

Good Manufacturing Practices

NGS offers our clients a wide range of good manufacturing practice (GMP) consulting services, including:

Design of Quality Systems

  • Management and structure
  • Production
  • Compounding
  • Laboratory controls
  • Warehouse


  • Assessment
  • SOP (Standard Operation Procedure) creation
  • Documentation and batch record creation or review
  • Management, quality systems development
  • Corrective action and preventative action plans(CAPA)
  • Third party and mock-audits for FDA/International Regulatory Agency Inspections
  • Lab SOP’s
  • Training for staff

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